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Kit name: A52RW Part number: A52RW
Manufacturer: AIRBORNE Stock: 6
Sale price 551.47$CA EACH Discounted price: 468.75$CAD EACH
Description:  DISCOUNT: 15%

Airborne A52RW

The A52RW is a 2 way bass reflex in 14 L (0.5cuft) box.
Frequency response is 40Hz to 27KHz.
Sensitivity: 85db 1W/1M
The tweeter is the Airborne RT-4001 Air Motion Transformer.
The woofer is the Airborne FR148B6-17L Wood cone.
The low pass network is a 2nd order filter with Zobel.
The high pass network is 2nd order filter with an L-pad network.
The X-over frequency is 3.0KHz
This kit is a perfect match for the 0.50cuft Dayton Audio Cabinets

Technical documentation
2 Way Bookshelf using Airborne Air Motion Tweeter and Airborne Woodcone Midbass
Kit content
6 322GDS Crossover Term. Canada SOLEN 10.41$
8 6X3/4P Pan Srew #6x3/4 SOLEN 0.75$
4 BP30G-G Binding Post Gold Taiwan SOLEN 10.00$
8 CLASSIC2.5 Tin Plated OFC 2x2.5mm Sweden SUPRA CABLES 15.51$
2 FR148B6-17L 15cm 30mm Wood AIR China AIRBORNE 97.24$
4 GFD110-1614 Fem. Disc. .110 16/14 Taiwan SOLEN 1.09$
8 GFD205-1614 Fem. Disc. .205 16/14 Taiwan SOLEN 2.18$
2 L14.91 .91 mH 1.5 19x38x76 Canada SOLEN 46.38$
2 MO1000J1R8 1.8 Ohms 10 W Taiwan SOLEN 1.57$
2 MO1000J2R7 2.7 Ohms 10 W Taiwan SOLEN 1.57$
2 MO1000J6R8 6.8 Ohms 10 W Taiwan SOLEN 1.57$
18 OXSOCKET8X1 Hex Socket Srew #8x1 SOLEN 6.12$
2 PA2400 24 mfd 250v 30x43 France SOLEN 19.78$
2 PA680 6.8 mfd 250v 20x32 France SOLEN 7.13$
2 PCB-S PCB 2Way Small X-over Canada SOLEN 38.17$
1 POLYESTER Fiberflex 38mmx12x60 SOLEN 3.24$
2 PT-2FL Flared Port 2 SOLEN 3.12$
2 RT-4001 50cm2 Ribbon 85mm AIR China AIRBORNE 116.88$
2 S20.43 .43 mH 0.8 11x22x45 Canada SOLEN 6.67$
4 SB330 3.3 mfd 150v 24x38 France SOLEN 77.01$
18 TY5242MX Tie Wrap 3.6mm x 21cm U.S.A. SOLEN 2.45$