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2 Way MTM Bass-reflex Bookshelf, 1x G20SC and 2x AL130 #5912. (Pair) Special Ordered Item, Not Actually in Stock.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer VISATON
Summary The COUPLET is a d'Appolito configuration shelf speaker. in the low to mid-range two 13 cm drivers, model AL 130 8 Ohm, take over the work. These high-end speakers can really show what they're capable of in a 25 litre bass reflex cabinet. Their long stroke and low mechanical losses guarantee powerful, rich bass reproduction. This is due to a large extent to the BR 25.50 bass reflex tube, mounted on the back of the cabinet, with its flow-optimised shape. In the high-frequency range above 4000 Hz, the 20 mm textile domed G 20 SC 8 Ohmdemonstrates its very linear frequency response and excellent omnidirectional sounddistribution. The specially designed crossover circuitry optimises the interaction between the mid-bass unit and the tweeter and effectively suppresses unwanted resonance from the aluminium diaphragms before it becomes noticeable. The frequency response in the mid-range is made more linear. The result is a speaker that maintains its linear characteristics right across the frequencyrange. Due to the well balanced medium range, the fine details of music reproduction, in particular, comes across particularly clearly. The excellent omnidirectional sounddistribution creates a particularly room-filling music reproduction and clear location of each individual instrument or voice. The lowest-range bass comes across equally powerfully. In short, the COUPLET is a speaker that is really good fun.


1 COUPLET Loudspeaker Kit Couplet #5912 Germany VISATON    
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