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Hurricane Nut #8-32

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Catégories : Écrous
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary Hurricane Nut #8-32

One-of-a-kind blind nut that offers extremely simple installation and outstanding holding power. The unique fluted design of the Hurricane nut allows it to be inserted simply with a hammer or by pulling in with a screw. Unlike conventional T-nuts, the Hurricane nut goes into wood easily without the pressures that it may take to get conventional teeth fully seated. But don’t let the small flutes fool you, these nuts can hold at torques that you simply cannot imagine. You have to see the performance for yourself to believe their effectiveness! Once you use a Hurricane nut, you will never go back to an ordinary T-nut. Recommended hole size is 13/64″.


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Dimensions 2 × 3 × 3 cm


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