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1.5m Power Plus AC Cable U.S.A.

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Catégories : Câbles AC
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DH-LABS
Summary 1.5m Power Plus AC Cable U.S.A.


DH Labs is proud to introduce the Power Plus Reference Series Power Cord. The Power Plus is constructed with the finest High Purity Copper in the world. The design of this cable combines very low series resistance, inductance, and DH Labs noise canceling geometries for immunity to outside noise.

The Power Plus features two twelve gauge conductors and a twelve gauge ground. The very low resistance of the 12 gauge conductors, combined with the cables low inductance, allows for unrestricted dynamic current delivery, while keeping noise out of your system. The cables design and custom insulation also reduces coloration and improves overall transparency.

The clarity of an audio signal is greatly affected by the components power supply. The theory is that an electro-magnetic field is created as electrical current flows through a conductor. This field adds distortion and noise as it comes into close proximity to audio components and low-level cables. By tightly controlling this field, the Power Plus lowers overall system noise by not allowing the field to interfere with the rest of the system.

This AC cord was engineered for performance, and can be recommended for use in the finest audio and home theater systems.

: POWER+1.5 1.5 meter Power+ AC Cable with connectors


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Poids 0.66 kg
Dimensions 10 × 30 × 30 cm


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