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Dayton Audio IOSUB, 10″ ip66 In/Outdoor Subwoofer, 150w, 4ohm. Black.
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Summary Dayton Audio IOSUB 10″ IP66 Indoor/Outdoor Subwoofer 150W Black

The Dayton Audio IOSUB 10″ Indoor/Outdoor Subwoofer utilizes a robust high excursion polypropylene woofer with stitched rubber surround to produce a powerful yet accurate low-end to your outdoor audio system. Enclosed in a compact, easy to hide weather-resistant enclosure, the sub is the perfect choice for adding bass to patios, pools, gardens, and landscaped areas.

Ground Rattling Bass

With a robust 10″ high excursion woofer, the IOSUB provides an added low-end dimension to your audio system. In combination with exclusive tuning by Dayton Audio, the woofer produces low-end down to 50 Hz with 300 watts of power. Even in a compact enclosure, the sub delivers powerful, tight, and deep bass while remaining visually unobtrusive.

Durable Weather-Resistant Construction

Built to withstand Mother Nature the IOSUB will perform reliably year after year. The IP66 rated enclosure protects the sub from unfavorable environmental conditions thus providing flexibility for installation locations. Featuring a rugged, durable construction the sub is perfect for adding bass to outdoor areas such as pools, patios, gardens, and landscaped areas.

Easy to Hide

The compact footprint of the sub makes it easy to keep out of view. Dayton Audio’s unobtrusive design allows you to install the under decks or behind bushes. Since the sub fires downward and is omnidirectional, its placement is less critical than full-range speakers. Sitting on four legs, the sub is extremely stable. The sub also features an anti-theft built-in eyebolt for a secure, permanent install.

Affordable, Flexible Performance

Adding bass to your outdoor audio system doesn’t have to be expensive, Dayton Audio has once again delivered exceptional value at a cost-effective price tag. The high-performing, great sound IOSUB provides robust flexibility and outstanding sonic quality at half the cost of contemporaries. Take ground-rattling bass outside with the Dayton Audio IOSUB…you won’t regret it but your neighbors might.


• Description: 10″ indoor/outdoor subwoofer

• Woofer: 10″ polypropylene cone

• Frequency response: 50-300 Hz

• Impedance: 4 ohms

• Power handling: 150 watts RMS/300 watts peak

• SPL: 86 dB 2.83V/1m

• Ingress protection rating: IP66

• Color: Black

• Dimensions: 12.2″ x 16.5″ x 16.5″


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