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Multi-Function DAC

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary Topping D20 Multi-Function DAC

Topping, who has made a fine reputation on desktop-sized Class D amplifiers, is branching out! The D20 is a feature-packed digital analog converter that accepts USB, digital coaxial, or digital optical signals, and is switchable from the front panel.

For those using a computer as a music source, the benefits of using an external DAC are hard to overstate. The D20 will connect using the included USB cable. It’s “plug and play”, requiring no additional software installation. The digital-to-analog processing is taken outside the computer chassis and all its electrical interference that can degrade fidelity. In addition, the quality of components inside a well-designed DAC will rival almost any sound card. If using a computer as a primary audio source, moving from the onboard sound card to a DAC will likely yield a dramatic improvement in sound quality.

Those using an aging or inexpensive CD player, DVD player, or Airport Express will also benefit from using the Topping D20. By sending the raw digital signal from the source through the coaxial or optical inputs on the DAC, they take advantage of Topping quality in the part of the digital signal chain that matters most – the actual conversion of 1s and 0s into an analog waveform.

Our customers have told us again and again how much they love Topping’s recipe for success: constructing audio components using quality, name-brand parts, housing them in attractive, rugged enclosures, and selling them for surprisingly affordable prices.

The D20 holds fast to that proven formula, using a Texas Instruments PCM1793 DAC chip, Burr-Brown OPA2134 opamp, resistors from KOA, and capacitors from EPCOS, ERO, and Nichicon.


• Dimensions: 45 mm H x 115 W x 200 mm D • THD+N: 0.0013% @ 1 kHz • Supported sampling rates: 16 ~ 24-bit, 44.1 kHz ~ 48 kHz • Output impedance: 200 ohm


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Poids 1.96 kg
Dimensions 10 × 16 × 24 cm


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