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Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary Des. Buil. Test. Spea.U.S.A.


Designing, Building, and Testing your Own Speaker System

Thousands of hobbyists, students, and electronics salespeople and technicians have turned to this best-selling guide for expert advice and a collection of simple-to-advanced speaker system projects. Now in its fourth edition, it continues to set the standard for accessible, up-to-the-minute guidance on designing, building, and testing speakers that sound as good as any system you can buy–for hundreds less!
Inside, you get full details on valuable new computer program that helps you creat top-flight speaker system while avoiding complicated mathematical equations and errors. With the included coupon, you can order the program at a significant savings over the regular price.
Also new to this edition are improved speaker test, expnded information on crossover networks, pratical dimension charts, techniques for designing double-chamber reflex enclosures, and more. The book provides you with concise, step-by-step instructions building speakers, and theaches you how to:

Choose speakers that are best suited for various specific uses

Set up a home system that will give you optimal performance

Critically evaluate speakers by ear if you lack equipment

The included list of driver and system components suppliers helps you get started right away.

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