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USB DAC, 24/192KHz, 8 Ana. Out. China
315,00 $CA each 370,50 $CA
Product Specifications
Manufacturer MINIDSP
Summary The U-DAC8 is a 8 channel asynchronous USB audio Digital to Analog interface (DAC). By combining the power of XMOS chipset with AKM DAC, the U-DAC8 achieves great audio performance in a small form factor. From basic surround audio format (5.1/7.1) to the latest immersive audio standards(multiple U-DAC-8), miniDSP makes multichannel streaming easy and affordable.

With Plug & Play support for Mac OSx and WDM/ASIO compliant drivers for Windows platform, the interface supports a wide range of sample rate(44.1~192kHz). On the analog side, the U-DAC8 has 8 channel unbalanced RCA connectors with up to 2Vrms output drive. The sturdy black metallic enclosure with mounting brackets is a perfect fit for an equipment rack or tucked away next to your computer.

Multi-room audio streaming
5.1/7.1 USB audio interface
Linux/Android TV box.
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