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Solen Premium, 2way Bookshelf Kit Pair with 18W/8424G00 & D2905/9300.

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary The Solen Premium is a two way bass reflex.
Frequency response 39Hz to 30KHz
Efficiency: 87db 1w/1m.
The tweeter is a Scan-Speak D2905/9300 silk dome.
The Woofer is Scan-Speak Discovery 7″ woofer the 18W/8424G00.
The crossover is a second-order Linkwitz-Riley at 2.5kHz with EQ on the woofer.


2 18W/8424G00 18cm 25mm Fibe SCA SCAN-SPEAK
6 322GDS Crossover Term. SOLEN
2 B05A100K276 27 mfd 100v 16×34 SOLEN
14 CLASSIC1.6 Tin Plated OFC 2×1.6mm SUPRA CABLES
2 D2905/9300 28mm Text 10cm SCA SCAN-SPEAK
1 DAMPING PAD Alsp Pad 1/8x39x39 SOLEN
2 L141.0 1.0 mH 1.5 19x38x76 SOLEN
2 MO1000J2R4 2.4 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
2 MO1000J7R5 7.5 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
2 MO1000J9R1 9.1 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
12 OXSOCKET10X1.25 Hex Socket Srew #10×1.25 SOLEN
18 OXSOCKET8X1 Hex Socket Srew #8×1 SOLEN
2 PA390 3.9 mfd 250v 17×28 SOLEN
2 PB560 5.6 mfd 400v 22×33 SOLEN
2 PCB-2WAY PCB 2Way Xover 6/12db SOLEN
1 POLYESTER Fiberflex 38mmx12x60 SOLEN
2 PT-2FL Flared Port 2 SOLEN
2 RPT15GFS-G Round Term. 76mm SOLEN
2 S20.75 .75 mH 0.8 13x25x51 SOLEN
22 TY5242MX Tie Wrap 3.6mm x 21cm SOLEN

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm

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  1. 5 out of 5


    This kit looks and sounds fantastic. The circuit boards are clearly labeled, so soldering up the crossovers is very simple. Heaps of room to work on them too. I found the cabs to be pretty labor intensive to build, but the plans are clear. Note that the bass reflex tube hole in the kit does not match the tube supplied, so measure that one before cutting the hole.

    Fun project, and most importantly, they sound much, much better than I had expected even. The clarity is beyond belief.

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