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Topline Binding Post Germany

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Catégories : Bornes de Liaison
Product Specifications
Manufacturer WBT
Summary Topline Binding Post Germany

With a 400 ampere continuous current capability, this is the perfect size binding post for demanding applications. A patented clamping mechanism makes it possible for high compression connection of spades and crimped wire ends up to 6mm² (10AWG). By means of a collet chucking device, any 4mm² banana plug can be securely clamped. Milled grooves on both sides of the compression plate provide high strength for connection of spades. NO TOOLS required to provide a secure connection. Finger tightening is all that is required. This connector will not fit on a 3/4” or 19mm center to center spacing.

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Dimensions 8 × 3 × 3 cm


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