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Dayton Audio ME6-PCB Pre-Construction Ceiling Speaker Bracket Pair

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21.49$ CAD PAIR

Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Summary Dayton Audio ME6-PCB Pre-Construction Ceiling Speaker Bracket Pair

Use the ME6-PCB pre-construction bracket when installing the Dayton Audio ME620C, ME650C, ME652C, or CS625C ceiling speakers. The snap-away wings make it easy to mount your speaker first to the bracket itself, then between the studs. Made from ABS, this bracket works perfectly with studs spanning 11-1/2″ and up to 29-1/2″.

Use the speaker clamps built-in to the Dayton Audio Micro-Edge series ceiling speakers to attach the bracket, it’s just that easy. This affordable time saver is a must have when installing the Dayton Audio ME6-PCB into new construction, whether that be an entirely new house, business, or your home theater project. Cutout diameter: 8-1/2″. Sold in pairs.

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Poids .72 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 10 cm


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