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BLUESOUND, RT100 Wireless Connection Device, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.

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Catégories : Bluetooth, Sans Fil
Product Specifications
Manufacturer BLUESOUND
Summary RT100

With the RT100 you can pair any subwoofer with the PULSE SOUNDBAR and allow the soundbar to focus on the mid and high-range dynamics of your favorite movie and music soundtracks. The RT100 uses point-to-point wireless technology to connect the PULSE SOUNDBAR to your existing subwoofer without the hassle of messy cabling. Plus, as a full-range device and both a transmitter and receiver, you can use two RT100s and wirelessly connect any Gen 2 Bluesound Player with an active subwoofer or speakers – no speaker wire needed.

Connect any subwoofer to the PULSE SOUNDBAR wirelessly
Easy, versatile option to add heart-pounding bass to any room without the hassle of messy cabling
Perfect solution for adding non-wireless subwoofers to your Bluesound setup
Connect one RT100 to any Gen 2 Bluesound Player, or an existing stereo system, and the second to your subwoofer to wirelessly add bass to any listening set-up


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Poids .3 kg
Dimensions 9 × 16 × 23 cm


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