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AC Power Dist. + GC-303 Japan

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer FURUTECH
Summary This newly developed component is designed to minimize the common problem of AV equipment`s inability to perform at its peak level due to contaminated electrical power.
Now, the FURUTECH e-TP60 +GC-303 AC Power Distributor provides the ideal solution.
It makes the home electrical power, pure and clean, without diminishing power a level, which in turn helps the AV equipment realize its fullest potential.
The AV fan can get a dimension of sound and picture never experienced before.
* The internal wires are used FURUTECHµ-14 wire(14 AWG). These types of wires can transmit power faster and smoother.
Equipped with FURUTECH hyper quality Audio grade SCHUKO socket can transmit powerful, without any leakage.
* The FURUTECH hyper quality Audio grade SCHUKO socket, made from 24K Gold plated(Non-magnetism)a(Alpha)CONDUCTOR, providing long term reliability while improving the efficiency of transmission.
* All metallic parts are treated by FURUTECHa(Alpha)Process— (Super Cryogenic & Demagnetize Treatment.): AC Power Distributor 15A (GC-303)


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Poids 3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 30 cm


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