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AC Super Barrier Power Tap Japan

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer FURUTECH
Summary Rating:
1. Shield: Aerospace grade special aluminum alloy, take shape by CNC precise tangent cutting.Inner covered board of bottom is proceeding with same material at 8mm thickness.
2. Vibration measures: Special rivet made of stainless and height is slightly adjustable.
3. Construction: Independent 3 series wire setting separated construction.
4. Patented Hold construction: The Receptacle hole is counter-sink 25mm than surface and it can prevent plug to fall down.
5. Noise measures 1: Special GC-303 absorbed and eliminated electromagnetism waves
Noise measures 2.: Double Super Barrier Tunnel construction
6. Connect wire setting: 3 sets wire setting connect separately.
7. Receptacle: Match with Furutech Hi-End Audio grade FP-20A ( R) 3 sets
8 Shield effect: Covering is handled by Furutech a ( Alpha) Process
10. Interior wire setting: 3 kinds of gauge high pure silver plated thickest copper wire covered with Teflon and process by Furutech a (Alpha)Features:
To have never seen before super-lower noise design, can completely eliminate high-frequency noise. Put into effect till now, but have not succeeded in the dream of reproducing pure and perfect tone quality. TRIANGLE POWER 6 is used material of aerospace grade special aluminum alloy. Whole material is cut by CNC precise tangent and become a high cost and super-high capabilities Power Tap. Construction is applied with completely isolated three independent systems. One unit is enough to supply with using on Analog equipment, Digital equipment and Amplifier equipment. Double Super Barrier construction and special GC-303 ultra shield layer are able to completed shut out outside electromagnetism waves and high frequency noise. Interior wire setting is twisted with the multi gauge high pure silver plated wire and covered with Teflon. Also used the unique design of Super Barrier Tunnel and GC-303 installed in center position to eliminate the high frequency noise caused by current transmission in between interior wire setting, making the quality of source of electricity to tend perfect. Receptacle is applied Furutech Hi-End Audio grade FP-20A(R), Earth Separation construction, Shield capabilities and the stability of electric current will be upgraded. In order to strengthen the stability of Receptacle and capabilities of Shield so used the technology of patented Receptacle Power Plate, 25mm deeper than surface, it can lead a remarkable effect on upgraded the quality of tone.

** Material: Aerospace grade special aluminum alloy
** Take shape: cut by CNC precise tangent
** AC Input & Output :15A INLET* 1, UL Receptacle * 6 holes
** Treated Model: Furutech a ( Alpha) Process
** Earth connection: INLET non-connect Earth terminal
** INLET:FURUTECH Rhodium plated INLET
** Receptacle:FURUTHCH Hi-End Audio grade FP-20A ( R) X 3 sets
** Interior wire setting: twisted by 3 kinds gauge high pure silver plated wire and covered with Teflon.
** Solder: Special alloy solder
** Size: 250mm x 250mm x 95 mm ( W/H/D)
** Weight: around 10 kgs

: Super Barrier Power Tap


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Poids 3.912 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 38 cm


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