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miniDSP2X4 KIT 2 Analog Input, 4 Analog Output, 28/56bit DSP Engine, 24 bit ADC/DAC resolution

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer MINIDSP
Summary The original miniDSP kit that started our story! A low cost, low power and great sounding module optimized for DIY/System tuning project.  With our “one platform, many configuration” concept, MiniDSP gives great flexibility to engineers, A/V designers and DIYers at a fraction of the cost of typical alternatives to tune their audio system. May it be a multi-way digital crossover, tuning your subwoofer room and simple room correction, it’s up to your imagination.

28/56bit DSP Engine
24 bit ADC/DAC resolution
48kHz sampling rate
Unbalanced inputs switchable with a jumper between 0.9Vrms and 2Vrms
Unbalanced outputs: Max 0.9Vrms
Digital Audio input/outputs via I2S ports on expansion connectors
Nichicon Muse Audiophile capacitors
Volume control by potentiometer on 3pin header
5pin, 2.54mm pitch header for panel mount USB connector
Plug&Play USB driver and real time Software configuration using miniDSP plug-ins
Device does not required a PC once configured
USB self powered device and wide range of DC power options (4.5 to 24VDC)

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Poids .6 kg
Dimensions 8 × 15 × 15 cm


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