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Pure Au/Ag Contact Revitalizer

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer FURUTECH
Summary Nano Liquid consists of super-micro particles made up of two primary materials, Pure Gold and Pure Silver by mean of Nano-Meter Technology. Each particle diameter is 8 Nm (0.000008 mm) in size. These super-micro particles are individually separated by mixing a controlled amount of cluster type Squalene Oil. The extreme small size of these Nano Liquid particles allows it to diffuse and weld into very tiny seams of the material’s crystalline structure. The result is an enhanced conductive surface area with improved conductivity. For best result, prior applying the Nano Liquid, please use a dry cloth to clean the contacts or connectors surface. If a cleaning liquid is to be used, please use a neutral/mild-cleaning liquid. After applying, it will not leave any residue or oil on the surface.


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Poids 0.18 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 cm


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