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IEC Connector Earth Jumper Rhod Japan
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer FURUTECH
Summary IEC Connector Earth Jumper Rhod Japan

FI-15(R)Plus High Performance IEC Connectors

Furutech celebrate their 25th anniversary with the introduction of an updated and improved version of their very first power connectors, the FI-15E series.
The new fresh-looking FI-15 Plus series features a new plating technique which delivers sonic improvements with a more durable finish and newly designed cable clamps for firm grip and resonance control.

- Rhodium-plated α(Alpha) Pure copper Conductor
- Floating Field Damper System* prevents induced magnetic fields
- Nylon /fiberglass main body and inner cover plate
- Specified for cable diameters of 6.6mm to 15.0mm (Wire size of 5.5mm2 (10AWG) max.)
- Polycarbonate cable damping clamp with stainless screws
- Connection: Set screw
- Dimensions: 35.0mm X 34.0mm X 72.5mm overall length
- Type: 2-pole+earth
- Rating: 10A 250V / 15A 125V AC

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