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Hypex, FusionAmp FA253, 2x 250 Wrms + 100 Wrms Ncore Amplifier Module with DSP.
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Product Specifications
Summary Hypex FusionAmp FA253 250W/250W/100W
The FusionAmp is our new plate amplifier range, powered by our new mains powered NCORE modules. There are one, two and three way systems available, each with balanced and unbalanced analog inputs. The one-way models also have a high level analog input. The multi-way models have a digital input instead.

This FusionAmp can be the basis of e.g. a powerful two- or three-way monitor. The FA253 has two 250 Wrms Ncore® amplifiers which can also be bridged to form one powerful 500 Wrms amplifier. Additionally, a 100 Wrms Ncore® tweeter channel is added.

The FusionAmp is designed to be mounted in vertical or horizontal position. The FusionAmp may be tilted 45° in both direction as depicted. Vent holes should not be covered and free convection should not be impeded.

To protect your valuable drivers, the DSP does not contain a filter out of the box. A filter needs to be configured and uploaded using Hypex Filter design (HFD) software before the FusionAmp will produce an output signal. Please refer to the online HFD manual for more information. Since the FusionAmp’s DSP does not contain a filter by default, you need to get started with HFD. This free software can be downloaded from the Hypex website. You can start getting acquainted with the software, even without a Hypex product connected. An elaborate guide on how to design the filters can be found on the Hypex website.

The Fusion Amp must be mounted into the speaker cabinet with 8 or 10 screws, not included. Hypex recommends Phillips head screws, 4.3 x 25.4 mm.

Fusion-Amps can also be operated with remote control for volume control and source selection. Our well known Hypex Remote Control can be used for this. To use a remote, you will need the new IR-receiver kit, also available as a separate module via the pull-down menu.
Mains voltage input 100-120Vac / 200-240Vac ±10%
Power (4Ω) 2x 250Wrms + 1x 100Wrms
Channels 1 channel / 3 way
Dimensions mm 360*135*55mm
Weight 1145gr
At the moment, a preliminary user guide is available. Further documentation will be available soon.

  • Analogue balanced XLR in and through
  • Analogue unbalanced RCA input
  • Digital AES in and through
  • Digital S/PDIF in and through
  • Digital Optical TosLink input
  • USB 2.0 configuration interface
  • 15 biquads per amplifier
  • Three selectable presets for filters
  • Source selection
  • Signal detect
  • Auto shutdown
  • BTL capable
  • Clip protect
  • Thermal protect
  • Filter protection
Meet the family
The Fusion Amp family consists of the following models:

FusionAmp One-Way models:

FA251, 1x250W

FA501, 1x500W

FusionAmp Two-Way models:

FA122, 2x125W

FA252, 2x250W

FA502, 2x500W

FusionAmp Three-Way models:

FA123, 2x125W + 100W Tweeter

FA253, 2x250W + 100W Tweeter

FA503, 2x500W + 100W Tweeter

What is included in the box:
  • The FA253
  • A printed copy of the user guide
  • Speaker connection cables
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