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3 Way MTMW Bass-reflex Floor Standing, 1x G20SC, 2x TI100 & 1x AL200 #5905

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer VISATON
Summary The VOX 253 is well-known as a speaker system with unusual credentials. Although relatively slim, some people may wish for a less noticeable speaker cabinet. Building a smaller cabinet and maintaining the same characteristics is a tall order. The precondition is that if the dimensions are reduced, the main features should be retained. This means locating the woofer in the side wall, d Appolito arrangement for the two cone drivers with metal diaphragms and dome tweeters in the middle. The excellent AL 200 8 Ohm serves as a bass speaker and the tweeter is the G 20 SC 8 Ohm , already very successfully used in the COUPLET model. It was, then, necessary to develop a completely new 10 cm high-end cone driver with a metal diaphragm. Although the development time was relatively long, the wait was worth it – this is a really first-class low- to mid-range unit with a conemade of pure titanium, equally as good as the AL 130 8 Ohm. The cabinet dimensions have been proportionally reduced from the large-scale VOX model to produce an almost dainty compact column speaker: the VOX 200.

The take-over frequency levels of 200 Hz and 3000 Hz have been retained. A crucial feature is that the large-sized bass reflex tunnel is also present. In this manner, we have managed to create a compact baby sister for the VOX 253 that is worthy of the family name. As one would expect, the VOX 200 cannot keep up with the 253 when it comes to really tough bass activity, where the 253 would master it with ease. In normal sized rooms this is hardly necessary or required. In any case, the bass capabilities of this smaller sister are far beyond what you would expect from a model of this size.

In the mid- to high-frequency range, smaller speakers are preferable anyway. This is also the case with the VOX 200. The sound breaks away clearly from the baffle and generates a stable volume level and uniform sound throughout the room with no colouration.

Once again, the G 20 SC 8 Ohm proves its value as a producer of wonderfully clear, lively high-frequency reproduction without the slightest hint of aggression.

If you find large speaker cabinets too much of a good thing, you really ought to have a listen to the VOX 200!


1 VOX200 Loudspeaker Kit Vox200 #5905 Germany VISATON 1,751.16$

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Poids 13.2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 40 cm


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