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3 Way MTMW Bass-reflex Floor Standing, 1x CP13, 2x FRWS5R & 1x F8SC #5940

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Product Specifications
Manufacturer VISATON
Summary This the smallest member of the VOX family is an exactly scaled-down version of the larger models. The dimensions of the VOX 253 have been reduced by a factor of around 3. The driver concept, consisting of two mid-range loudspeakers and a side-mounted woofer, corresponds to the other VOX versions. The two 5 cm full-range FRWS 5 R 8 Ohmspeakers fit perfectly in the baffle and cover mid-range. The smaller CP 13 4 Ohmtweeter ensures that the higher-frequency, although already well covered by the FRWS 5 R 8 Ohm, is further strengthened. The woofer in this set is an F 8 SC 8 Ohm full-range loudspeaker.

In order to be worthy of the honour of being included in the VOX family, the VOX 80 is fitted with a crossover which is just as conscientiously matched to the drivers as those in the larger models.

The results can be both seen and heard. The VOX 80 is an eye-catcher as well as an ear-catcher on any desk as a PC-based hifi, for example.

The VOX 80 has a power handling of 20/30 watts. In practice, in a PC environment, however, this output level is seldom, if ever, required. Set to an output of one watt, oneVOX 80 will generate approx. 80 dB in a workplace, both speakers together create 86 dB. This is very loud. A miniature amplifier like the Visaton AMP 2.2 or AMP 2.2 LN will, therefore, be perfectly sufficient for most applications.

1 VOX80 Loudspeaker Vox80 #5940 Germany VISATON 206.18$

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Poids 3.6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 30 cm


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