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Summary Bullock on Boxes U.S.A.


Bullock on Boxes
Since 1980, readers of Speaker Builder magazine have delighted in the scope and clarity of Bob Bullock’s explanations of vented-box loudspeaker systems. Now, for the first time, these articles have been collected into a single invaluable volume:BULLOCK ON BOXES.

This book is an easy-to-read guide to designing and building vented-box systems based on Thiele/Small Models. And in addition to the background theory and descriptions of the models, BULLOCK ON BOXES carefully covers a host of related information drawn from numerous resources. Computer modeling, as demonstrated by the authors’BOXRESPONSE and BOXMODEL programs, is also explained in clear.

A professor of applied mathematics at Miami University (Ohio) since 1966 and longtime hands-on speaker buff, Dr. Bullock brings an unparalleled range of experience to the pages of BULLOCK ON BOXES. Fully indexed and referenced, with glossary, bibliography, and more than 100 illustrations, BULLOCK ON BOXES is a practical handbook and lasting reference indispensable to every serious speaker builder.


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