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Loudsoft FINEbox, non-Linear High Power Box Design Program.
1 974,38 $CAeach
Product Specifications
Manufacturer LOUDSOFT
Summary FINEBox
Non-Linear High Power Box Design Program
For Hi-Fi, PA and Micro loudspeakers

Simulation of Voice Coil Temperature and Compression at High Power in closed Box, Reflex, ABR, Band-pass and Inter-Port alignments. All Non-Linear T/S parameters + Thermal data can be imported directly from FINEMotor.
  • FINEBox Box Design Software for Loudspeaker incl. Micro and PA drivers
  • Simulation of Voice Coil Temperature and Compression at High Power
  • Closed, Reflex, ABR, Bandpass and Interport alignments
  • Reflex/ABR simulation with Unit SPL, Port SPL and Impedance
  • Cone Excursion of driver/ABR and Port Velocity
  • FINEBox imports all FM3 files from FINEMotor 2014 and newer, both regular and rectangular designs
  • Display Sensitivity in two different modes:
    • Max. Theoretical Sensitivity (This is very useful for Micro Speakers)
    • Std. Loudsoft Sensitivity (This is the lower, more conservative Loudsoft SPL)
  • Import Non-Linear Parameters and Thermal Data from FINEMotor:
    • High Power VC Temperature
    • Motor Temperature
    • Power Compression etc.
  • Power Compression is calculated at any power level and time
  • T/S parameters can be entered directly (i.e. from Klippel)
  • Qts and BL can be changed to see the response changes in the box
  • Input values with extra precision for very small numbers when using Micro Speakers
  • Export simulated and spliced responses
  • Adapts to high resolution monitors with Win10 scaling and zoom
  • Simulate using multiple of the same driver
  • Simulate using multiple reflex ports/ABR's
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