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Loudsoft FINEmotor, Magnet System & Voice Coil Design Program.
5 001,75 $CAeach
Product Specifications
Manufacturer LOUDSOFT
Summary FINEMotor
Magnet System & Voice Coil Design Program

The FINEMotor program is based on 18000 FEA simulations and is the ultimate tool for prediction of SPL & T/S parameters including BL(x) and Xmax with complete winding data. FINEMotor is also the optimum simulation tool for designing the magnet system, voice coil and spider for woofers, domes, telephone-receivers, headphones etc.

Precise and Fast
When SEAS was designing a new product line and used FINEMotor for the first time, the result was right on target and saved them a lot of time. After this first attempt SEAS now works with FINEMotor for all new motor systems.

You don't need to know a lot about drivers to be able to use FINEMotor. This is a tool not only for engineers, but also for technicians.

Material database
With the latest version of FINEMotor you can add your own magnets and wires to the database, which already has a lot of standard Chinese materials to choose from.
Special Features:
  • Designs Woofers, Midranges, Tweeters, Headphone drivers, Micro Speakers etc.
  • Accurate Prediction of SPL, T/S parameters and winding data.
  • All VC solutions are calculated using all available wires and shown as a curve
  • Accurate predictions of VC winding width, DCR, N, VCOD, VC mass etc.
  • Accurate predictions of BL(x) curves: +/- Xmax defined as 82% BLmax (Klippel)
  • FINEMotor is instant with 36,000 stored Magnetic Finite Element calculations
  • Wire stretch is calculated
  • Round and Flat/Edge wound Voice Coils
  • Copper, Aluminium and Copper Clad Voice Coils
  • Standard Chinese Ferrite and Neodymium magnet grades available
  • Magnet grades and -sizes can be user modified
  • Wire diameters can be user modified for both round and flat wires
  • Automatic compensations of magnetic air gap for multi-layer Voice Coils
  • Twin Voice Coils can be designed as 1+1, 2+2, 4+4 layers etc.
  • Qms is estimated by including Paper, Kapton, Nomex or Aluminium VC former
  • Fs is calculated from Cone Fo and Spider deflection/resonance/flexibility
  • Magnetic saturation is calculated in Pole, Top Plate and Back Plate
  • Magnetic loss from steel frame is included
  • Voice Coil can be offset up/down
  • Motor can be optimized with pole extension, undercut and extension undercut
  • Outside Ferrite and inside Neodymium motors with top and rear magnets
  • Voice Coils can be calculated as 1 layer, 2 layers etc. up to 10 layers
  • Motor design can include Ferrofluid for damping and cooling
  • Attach flux profiles from other FEA software
  • Input data and parameters with extra precision for Micro Speakers
  • Rectangular Voice Coils and Magnet Systems can be calculated
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