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Manufacturer: SUPRA CABLES
Reference: QUADRAX
Summary: Tin/OFC Tube 4x2.0mm Sweden
Retail price: 11.44$CAD FEET SPECIAL : 9.73$
Stock: 323

Product may vary from the illustration.
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Description :

Quadrax Loudspeaker Cable

High End, Bi-wire

4x2.0, mm². Tin plated

A PP insulated tin plated quad coax construction. The tin contributes to a better sound quality by minimising the skin-effect and making less current jumps between the wire surfaces. SUPRA Quadrax is made with short pitch twisting for low inductance and low radiation.

One of our very best loudspeaker cables


Application examples: High End, Hi-Fi or Home Cinema medium or long lengths in high power systems.