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Free Crossover Design – Solen Inc.

Solen now offers free X-over design service. As long as the parts are purchased from Solen.

Solen will also assemble the X-overs at the following cost:
cost of the parts +30$ labor charge per PCB.

Here is a list of available design options for 2way, 3way, low-pass, band-pass & high-pass X-overs;
– 1st order Butterworth & 1st order Solen Split.
– 2nd order Bessel, 2nd order Butterworth, 2nd order Chebychev & 2nd order Linkwitz-Riley.
– 3rd order Butterworth.
– 4th order Bessel, 4th order Butterworth, 4th order Gaussian, 4th order Legendre, 4th order Linear Phase & 4th order Linkwitz-Riley

Designs are optimised using inputed driver frequency response graph.

L-pad, Zobel and Notch design options available.

Please send your design inquiry via E-mail at [email protected]