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Denis Ouellet, 1949-2013

On March 25th, 2013 at the age of 63 years, passed away Mr Denis Ouellet, founder of Solen Electronique Inc.

There was no one more dependable than Denis.  Someone filled with passions and projects; a walking encyclopedia.  A veritable illustrated dictionary of infinite knowledge who adored to let himself be carried by the winds through the skies.  A spirit at peace.

Despite storms and turbulence, he continued his flight with a smile, as nothing could stop him.  Perseverance and intelligence were traits he wore like no one else. If you knew Denis, you had no need for the local library, nor Wikipedia.

Because we all learned something from him, there is a little bit of Denis in each of us. Whether it be related to a new diet, a car, or plants in our garden.

Family, friends, co-workers……we all miss his knowledge, his innovativeness, his generosity, and his joie de vivre in our own way.

We love you Denis.  After all these wonderful years, may your great soul rest in peace.