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Crossover Assembly – Solen Inc.

The best way to go about assembling a crossover is to align the pieces as they appear on the diagram.

Here’s an example :


Notice that the parts are identified as such :


Simply align the parts on a perforated masonite board and solder them point to point.

The final crossover once assembled should look like this from underneeth, whithout the blue drawings that are only there as a reference.


The procedure for a low pass is similar and it is just as simple to place both, high and low pass, on the same board.

*Please flip your phone in order to see the chart.*
Find the values you need.
4, 6 & 8 ohms L-pads
1 st order (6db) Butterworth 1 st order (6db) Solen Split
2 nd order (12db) Butterworth 2 nd order (12db) Linkwitz-Reiley