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DH Labs AIRMATRIX0.5, 0.5m Silver-coated OFC, Teflon/Air dielectric Interconnect Cable.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DH-LABS
Summary 0.5m Air Matrix Cable U.S.A.

The debut of the Air Matrix represents a new era in interconnect design, utilizing DH Labs' proprietary new Air Matrix dielectric material. The use of this material, which is actually 60% air, takes the final step toward no dielectric at all. As a result, soundstage detail and depth are energized, delivering razor sharp focus, and making listening a near visual experience. This dynamic level of performance further enhances the cable neutrality that has become the Silver Sonic trademark. Fully shielded and low in capacitance, Air Matrix is ideal when long cable runs are required. Each cable is carefully terminated in custom machined rca plugs, or with DH Labs' high performance ofc/gold XLR connectors. The Air Matrix represents the culmination of everything we have accomplished in cable design, while maintaining our goal of affordability in the often high priced world of audiophile cables. AIRMATRIX.5 0.5 meter with RCA termination. Also available with XLR termination.

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