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WM100 B

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BLUESOUND, WM100, Hang Your Pulse Flex Almost Anywhere.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer BLUESOUND
Summary WM100 B (black)
Easily mount the PULSE FLEX on your wall or ceiling with Bluesound’s WM100 Wall Mount, and position the speaker to your liking. Precision engineered with high-grade materials to perfectly match the PULSE FLEX, the WM100 can be mounted vertically or horizontally and uses a tilt-and-swivel design that allows you to place and lock the speaker at the optimal angle for enhanced sound quality. Even when mounted, cable management with the WM100 is simple with free and easy access to any connection you need.Custom-made to fit the Bluesound PULSE FLEX speaker
360° rotation for vertical or horizontal speaker placement
Tilts up to 15 degrees with 40-degrees of swivel action
Available in black and white finishes to match the PULSE FLEX

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