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3 Way Bass-reflex Floor Standing, 1x KE25SC, 1x AL130M and 1x TIW250XS 5943. (Pair) Special Ordered Item, Not Actually in Stock.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer VISATON
Summary With its CONGA Visaton has produced a "big brother" to accompany the classic 3-band combinations such as the CLASSIC 200 or CLASSIC 200 GF. With a cabinet volume of 85 litres and the 25-cm subwoofer drivers mounted on the front, this column speaker is an impressive eye-catcher. The external appearance is underlined by the solid bass foundations provided by the TIW 250 XS 8 OHM. This high-end woofer masters the art of powerful, responsive surges of bass just as efficiently as more restrained and subtle bass accompaniment. The AL 130 M 8 OHM, the specially modified version of the popular AL 130 8 OHMdesigned to produce higher sensitivity in the mid-range, continues the virtually linearfrequency response seamlessly at a high level. The KE 25 SC 8 OHM tweeter, which cuts in at 3500 Hz, has no difficulty at all producing brilliant, crystal clear treble, even at high volume levels, which is why this ceramic dome driver is so ideally suited to rounding off the upper end of this powerful 3-band combination. Well aware that the following statement may polarise opinions: the CONGA speakers are real men's speakers.


1 CONGA Loudspeaker Kit Conga #5942 Germany VISATON    
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