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USB DAC w/ Headphone Amp.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary Topping D1-MARK2 Portable USB DAC with Headphone Amplifier

The Topping D1-MARK2 is a compact, desktop-sized solution for getting the best possible sound from a PC or laptop. It connects to a computer's USB port (where the D1-MARK2 also gets its power) and extracts a raw digital audio signal. This digital analog converter is "plug and play", requiring no additional software installation.

There are three outputs on this unit. The first is a mini-SPDIF optical output that can be passed to a home theater receiver. The second is a fixed 3.5mm stereo output that can be played through an analog home stereo. The third output is the 3.5mm headphone output on the front of the DAC, controlled by the volume knob.

Why use a DAC? By doing so, the digital-to-analog processing is taken outside the computer chassis and all its electrical interference that can degrade fidelity. In addition, the quality of components inside a well-designed DAC will rival almost any sound card. If using a computer as a primary audio source, moving from the onboard sound card to a DAC will likely yield a dramatic improvement in sound quality.

Our customers have told us again and again how much they love Topping's recipe for success – constructing audio components using quality, name-brand parts, housing them in attractive, rugged enclosures, and selling them for surprisingly affordable prices.

The D1-MARK2 holds fast to that proven formula, using a Texas Instruments PCM2704 DAC chip, ALPS potentiometer, Burr-Brown opamp, and EPCOS capacitors.


• Dimensions: 13.5 mm H x 58 mm W x 89 mm D • Line output THD+N: 0.0036% @ 1 kHz • Supported sampling rates: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz ~ 48 kHz

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