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DACT CTKB4, CT-Knob 50mm Stainless Stell Knob for CT2, CT & CT4.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DACT
Summary CTKB4, 50mm Version

DACT is offering four different sizes of knobs that are specially designed for using with DACT audio switches. All four knobs are hand-made, available in solid stainless steel with raw steel look.

One important characteristic of the CT knobs is that they are made of "audio grade" materials. In terms of components that are not used directly in the signal path, but relatively close to the audio signals, Audio Grade Materials means

1. Non-magnetic.

2. No non-linear dielectric loss (like for instance that of certain plastics).

The DACT knobs were designed with the right "feel" so the perception of the knobs match the quality of our switches. Therefore, of course, low cost plastic knobs were out of the question from the beginning. There is no way that a leight-weight plastic knob can match the delicate mechanism of our switches.

Which size of knob to choose depends on your preference. The smaller knobs give a more exact clicking feel especially on our attenuators, while the slightly harder feel of our input selectors may favour the larger knobs.


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