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Dayton Audio BCT-3 44 x 32mm Bone Conducting Transducer
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Type Bone Conducting Exciter
Impedance 4 ohms
Power Handling (RMS) 3 W
Frequency Response 300 - 19000 Hz
Sensitivity - dB
Dayton Audio BCT-3 44 x 32mm Bone Conducting Transducer Unlike conventional transducers that use moving air to produce sound around you, Dayton Audio BCT-3 bone conducting transducer converts the electrical signal into mechanical vibrations so clean, that the brain interprets the vibrating stimulus as excellent sound. Install this exciter to a solid surface, such as a molded headrest, and high-fidelity sound will appear from seemingly nowhere when your head touches it. Your ears are left free to remain aware of their surroundings, greatly increasing personal safety. When used against materials such as cardboard, wood, steel, and plastics, the BCT-3 operates much like a surface exciter and is capable of moving mass to produce robust sound output; much like an invisible speaker! The BCT-3 is excellent for unique OEM sound applications and for the experimenter, where conventional speakers and exciters cannot be used due to size constraints. An adhesive backed removable mounting pad is included with the BCT-3 to make it easy to remove the motor assembly if needed. Note: The frequency response is given when used as a bone conducting transducer. This will change when attached to a substrate, and different substrate materials will have different frequency responses. Specifications: • Power handling: 15 watts RMS/30 watts max • Le: 0.34 mH • Impedance: 4 ohms • Re: 3.9 ohm • Frequency response: 300-20,000 Hz • Fs: 236 Hz • Dimensions (Dia. x H): 44 x 32 mm.

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