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Dayton Audio DA30 2 x 15W Class D Bridgeable Mini Amplifier
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Summary Dayton Audio DA30 2x15W Class D Bridgeable Mini Amplifier

Dayton Audio's DA30 is the ideal amplifier for commercial audio installations such as classrooms or offices, where a small, low wattage power amp is required. This palm-sized Class D amplifier sits inconspicuously on a desktop, and can also be installed on walls or under cabinets by using the included brackets. Perfect for powering ancillary zones in large setups, or mounted on or near a video projector!

The DA30 delivers 15 watts per channel in stereo mode and 30 watts when bridged mono. Two stereo audio inputs increase versatility: dual RCA or a single 3.5 mm TRS jack. Separate treble and bass controls allow the sound to be tailored to the room. The DA30's auto-on feature increases energy efficiency. An all-metal chassis and the selection of high-spec internal components ensure reliable operation and a long service life.


• Power output: 2 x 15W RMS into 4 ohms, 1 x 30W into 8 ohms • Efficiency: 92% • Total harmonic distortion: 0.015% 20-20,000 Hz • Bass/treble turnover: 100 Hz/10,000 Hz • Input impedance: 100k ohms • Auto-on sensitivity: <0.8v stand-by="" current="" consumption:="" 0="" 6="" ma="" power="" supply:="" 24="" vdc="" 2000="" dimensions="" h="" x="" w="" d="" :="" 1-5="" 8="" 4-7="" 16="" 5-1="" 2="" p="">

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