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Dayton Audio DAEX25 Sound Exciter Pair
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Type Sound Exciter DAY Taiwan
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling (RMS) 5 W
Frequency Response - Hz
Sensitivity - dB
Dayton Audio DAEX25 Sound Exciter PairDayton Audio DAEX25 Sound Exciters turn virtually any solid object into a speaker by vibrating it at speeds of up to 20,000 cycles per second. The vibrations modulate the air, which is then decoded by the brain as sound. We've tested and placed Sound Exciters on nearly everything you can imagine; under a desk, in an overhead cabinet, behind picture frames, inside cans, behind paper plates, inside binders, cardboard, scraps of wood and even the box they came in! Test the limits of your imagination. Each stick on Sound Exciter is designed for a wide frequency response and great sensitivity. Built-in push terminals enable quick connection to speaker wire (sold separately). Strong 3M adhesive pads affix to nearly any solid surface for secure, long-lasting playback. Sold in pairs. Specifications: - Power handling: 5 watts RMS/10 watts max - Impedance: 8 ohms - VCdia: 1" - Re: 7.15 - Le: 77.39 mH - Dimensions: 3-1/2" dia. x 3/4".
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