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Dayton Audio MX12-22 12" Max-X High Excursion DVC Subwoofer 2 Ohms Per Coil
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Speaker Type Paper Glass Fiber Cone Subwoofer
Nominal Diameter 32cm
Impedance 2+2 ohms
Power Handling (RMS) 600 W
Frequency Response 23 - 450 Hz
Sensitivity 89.4 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 64mm

Dayton Audio MX12-22 12" Max-X High Excursion DVC Subwoofer 2 Ohms Per Coil Designed to produce maximum output for an unbeatable value, Dayton Audio's MX12-22 Max-X 12" dual voice coil subwoofer driver has all of the features and performance you expect from premium subwoofers without the high price tag. Capable of high output low frequency response with remarkably low distortion, the MX12-22 is built for use in compact enclosures making it perfect for both home and car audio sounds systems. With 37.6 mm of peak to peak excursion capability (Klippel verified at 70% Bl) this driver is capable of moving serious amounts of air. It's about more than just looks Many budget subwoofer drivers look powerful, but just don't offer high performance. When designing the MX12-22, Dayton Audio did everything possible to keep the cost down without sacrificing performance or reliability. A large inverted dust cap completely covers the rigid pulp paper cone to create an extremely stiff layered diaphragm with a sleek and modern look. The narrow but tall custom tooled surround has been optimized to allow high excursion without reducing cone area to ensure maximum displacement with improved efficiency. In addition, the surround actually wraps around to the rear side of the mounting flange for maximum gluing surface area to handle the stress of high excursion without issue. To keep the cone linear, the MX12-22 uses dual spiders with ample spacing to make sure there is no rocking even when driven to its limit. Extensive venting to keep everything cool High output subwoofers can generate a lot of heat. Excess heat build-up increases temperature which in turn causes resistance to climb. This will lead to lower output, power compression, and even premature failure. The MX12-22 has everything it takes to move as much air as possible across the 2-1/2" voice coil to dissipate this excess heat. Six Large diameter vents in the cone combined with a flared pole piece vent creates a continuous flow of air directly through the center of the voice coil. The outside of the coil is cooled by eight under spider vents in the frame and six peripheral gap vents through the back plate. All of this airflow makes sure that power compression is kept to a minimum, but it also gives the MX12-22 extremely quiet operation even at high excursion, nearly eliminating the mechanical noise that is all to common with many of today's subwoofer drivers. A powerful motor for incredible flexibility Another common problem with many of today's budget subwoofer drivers is a lack of motor strength. This leads to drivers that are inefficient or are only capable of the "one note" bass that is the result of high Q drivers. The massive dual stacked high energy ferrite magnets have been optimized to drive the 2-1/2" voice coil efficiently with accuracy and precision. Also, the magnetic gap has been kept narrow to guarantee that there is as little loss of magnetic force as possible. This powerful motor assembly gives the MX12-22 an impressive Bl of 21.5 T/m with a Qts of 0.35, making it suitable for use in compact sealed or vented enclosures with excellent low frequency extension. Finally, with dual 2 ohm voice coils, the MX12-22 can be used in a number of configurations to make sure that you get maximum performance from your amplifier in almost any application. In most home audio designs the coils will be wired in series for a 4 ohm load. When used in car audio systems you have the option of running the coils separately for a dual 2 ohm load, or wired in parallel at 1 ohm to get the most power out of today's high current amplifiers. Maximum value to performance ratio Thanks to extensive optimization and advanced design, the Dayton Audio MX12-22 is a low-cost high-performance subwoofer that truly delivers incredible output capability and low distortion from compact designs. The Max-X drivers the perfect choice for building a powerful home stereo speaker, high SPL mobile audio system, or a sound quality based car audio system without breaking the bank. Note: All specifications measured with the voice coils wired in series for a 4 ohm load.

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