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Dayton Audio PSS555-8 21" Pro Subwoofer with 4.5” Voice Coil 8 Ohm
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Speaker Type Paper Cone Pro Subwoofer
Nominal Diameter 55cm
Impedance 8 ohms
Power Handling (RMS) 1000 W
Frequency Response 27 - 2500 Hz
Sensitivity 96.3 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 115mm

Dayton Audio PSS555-8 21" Pro Subwoofer with 4.5” Voice Coil 8 Ohm You need to move a lot of air for high SPL bass response, and Dayton Audio's PSS555-8 21" professional subwoofer was built to move as much air as possible for the best value imaginable. This massive driver is capable of 11 mm of excursion in each direction (@ 70% BL, Klippel verified) for nearly 4 liters of displacement with each stroke. Displacement isn't all you need for maximum output; power handling and efficiency are also necessary. Capable of handling 1,000 watts RMS and with over 96 dB sensitivity, the PSS555-8 has what it takes to deliver. This driver is not just about output capability, the advanced and powerful motor is designed to produce incredibly low distortion levels even when driven to its limit for extended periods. Dayton Audio's PSS555-8 is sure to deliver the bass output you crave. Powering the PSS555-8 is an advanced high energy ferrite motor assembly. Unlike neodymium magnets, the powerful ferrite magnet is capable of delivering a constant motor force even when exposed to high heat which helps keep power compression at a minimum. Its 4-1/2" inside/outside wound voice coil uses a fiberglass former that can take enough heat to handle up to 1,000 watts RMS without issue. A large pole piece vent, 6 peripheral gap vents, and numerous vents between the frame and top plate allow plenty of air to move across the voice coil to dissipate excessive heat, further reducing power compression caused by increased resistance due to heat. To control inductance and keep distortion to a minimum, the pole piece also includes a large copper shorting cap. All of this gives the PSS555-8 the ability to deliver predictable and consistent low frequency output even when driven to extreme SPL levels for extended periods. Dayton Audio built the PSS555-8 to take the use and abuse of the harsh professional sound environment. The naturally damped treated paper cone is optimized and reinforced to handle the stress of high excursion while maintaining its shape. To keep the cone under control, the PSS555-8 uses dual large diameter silicone treated spiders and a deep triple-roll accordion surround allowing for linear excursion even when driven to its limits and beyond. Holding everything together is a rugged cast aluminum frame that that will not restrict airflow and includes integrated push button wire terminals for a reliable and secure electrical connection. The PSS555-8 has been built to deliver years of worry free performance. For high output bass response Dayton Audio's PSS555-8 is an unbeatable value. This versatile driver is a great choice for vented designs, back loaded horns, and even tapped horns. With an 8 ohm voice coil this driver is also perfect for use in dual and quad driver systems for the ultimate in output capability.

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