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Dayton Audio TT25-16PUCK, Tactile Transducer Bass Shaler 16 ohm.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Type Mini Bass Shaker Day Taiwan
Impedance 16 ohms
Power Handling (RMS) 15 W
Frequency Response - Hz
Sensitivity - dB
Dayton Audio TT25-16 PUCK Tactile Transducer Mini Bass Shaker 16 Ohm The PUCKâ„¢ by Dayton Audio is an inexpensive, small tactile transducer otherwise known as a mini bass shaker that is intended to be used in Home Theater, Gaming, and Auto Sound applications. This mini bass shaker has the unique ability to transfer low frequency sound waves directly to the listener by mounting the PUCKâ„¢ to surface areas that a listener's body will come into contact with. Because the listener "feels" the low frequency, the volume of the overall sound can be kept to a minimum without sacrificing the audio quality. The PUCKâ„¢ measures a mere 3-1/2" diameter and 1" depth, nearly identical in size to an ice hockey puck. The small depth and diameter of the PUCKâ„¢ mini bass shaker make it uniquely suited for tight spaces and unobtrusive applications. 4 layer Voice Coil with 1" aluminum former. Requires 6 #6 wood or sheet metal screws for surface mounting. Four PUCKâ„¢ transducers can be wired for Stereo 8 Ohm Right/Left 2 channel wiring or as a 4 Ohm 1 channel system. Specifications: - Power handling: 15 watts RMS/30 watts max - Impedance: 16 ohms - Usable frequency response: 20 to 80 Hz - Fs: 40 Hz - Force peak: 30 lbs. per ft. total when used in 4 PUCK configuration - Dimensions: 3.37" dia. x 1" H - Cutout Dimension: 70 mm with 25 mm slot for wire pass through - Consult owners manual for cut-out template and wiring information.
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