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Elna 1000mfd 50v Polarized Electrolytic Caps, 20%, 0.03ohms DF, 18mm D x 40mm H. 1000uf
Product Specifications
Manufacturer ELNA
Summary 1000mfd 50v, 20%, 0.03ohms DF, 18mm D x 40mm H (1000uf)

● ELNA developed new raw material for the separate paper which use a silk fibers. Therefore, this capacitor can give you high grade sound for your audio design. ● Due to the silk fiber's pliability, the capacitor makes a dream of the high quality sound. For examples ; ● To relieve the music's vibration energy. ● To decrease the peak feeling sound at high compass and rough quality sound at middle compass. ● To increase massive sound at low compass. ● All lead wires oxygen-free copper for extremely low distortion. (Third high frequency distortion 10kHz,0.1A,-120dB or less) ● "SILMIC II" mark on sleeve.  

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