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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SB ACOUSTICS
Speaker Type Papyrus Cone Neodymium Midrange
Nominal Diameter 13cm
Impedance 4 ohms
Power Handling (RMS) 40 W
Resonance Frequency 41 - 8000 Hz
Sensitivity 91 dB
Voice Coil Diameter 31mm

SB ACOUSTICS SATORI MR13P-4, 13cm PAPYRUS CONE NEODYMIUM MIDRANGE BLACK 4OHM Features Vented aerodynamic cast aluminium chassis for optimum strength and low compression. Proprietary cone material with EGYPTIAN PAPYRUS™ fibres made in-house. Soft low damping rubber surround for optimum transient response. Advanced BIMAX spider for improved linearity. Powerful optimized low distortion neodymium motor system. Non-conducting fibre glass voice coil former for minimum damping. Extended copper sleeve on pole piece for low inductance and reduced distortion. CCAW voice coil for reduced moving mass. Long life silver lead wires attached 180° apart for improved stability. Vented pole piece and coil former for reduced compression. High piston to chassis diameter ratio. Gasket and bolt hole protrusions for reduced coupling to speaker cabinet. Specs Nominal Impedance 4 Ω DC resistance, Re 3.3 Ω Voice coil inductance, Le 0.11 mH Effective piston area, Sd 70 cm2 Voice coil diameter 30.5 mm Voice coil height 11 mm Air gap height 5 mm Linear coil travel (p-p) 6 mm Magnetic flux density 1.08 T Magnet weight 0.1 kg Net weight 0.78 kg Free air resonance, Fs 41 Hz Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 91 dB Mechanical Q-factor, Qms 2.8 Electrical Q-factor, Qes 0.25 Total Q-factor, Qts 0.23 Moving mass incl. air, Mms 5.4 g Force factor, Bl 4.3 Tm Equivalent volume, VAS 19.4 liters Compliance, Cms 2.79 mm/N Mechanical loss, Rms 0.5 kg/s Rated power handling* 30 W * IEC 268-5, high-pass Butterworth, 200 Hz, 12 dB/oct.

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