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Dayton Audio SDP10 In-Wall Speaker Splitter 10-Way
Product Specifications
Manufacturer DAYTON AUDIO
Summary Dayton Audio SDP10 In-Wall Speaker Splitter 10-Way

Finally a cost effective simple way to add background music to any home or small office! Designed to be used in conjunction with Dayton Loudspeaker Impedance Matching Volume Controls, the distribution panel provides fast and easy installation in new construction and existing homes, offices and commercial buildings. The in-wall design hides the unsightly "bird's nest" of wires common behind large home and office sound systems. The removable PCB wiring connectors allow you to pre-wire your system during new construction before the drywall stage, reducing the risk of damage to the unit. The connectors make installation fast after construction. Gold plated heavy duty three-way binding posts and the white Decora® design for compatibility. Distribution panel comes with easy to follow instructions. *Must be used with impedance-matching volume controls!
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