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Seas Excel Bifrost, 2way Bookshelf Kit Pair with W18NX001 and T29CF002.
CA$1,758.65 each CA$2,069.00
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SEAS PRESTIGE
Summary The Bifrost is a 2 way bass reflex in 18 L box. Frequency response is 42Hz to 25KHz. Sensitivity: 88db 1W/1M The tweeter is the Seas Excel T29CF002 Crescendo. The woofer is the Seas Excel W18NX001 Nextel cone. The low pass network is a 3rd order design. The high pass network employs a conventional 2nd order filter with an L-pad network. The X-over frequency is 2.2KHz


4 858-LU Binding Post Gold 8mmX38mm SOLEN    
10 CLASSIC1.6 Tin Plated OFC 2x1.6mm SUPRA CABLES    
2 L14.39 .39 mH 1.5 16x32x64 SOLEN    
2 L142.7 2.7 mH 1.5 22x45x89 SOLEN    
12 M4TN Tee Nut 4mm SOLEN    
12 M4X25H Socket Screw 4mmx25mm SOLEN    
12 M5TN Tee Nut 5mm SOLEN    
12 M5X35H Socket Screw 5mmx35mm SOLEN    
2 MO1000J10R 10 Ohms 10 W SOLEN    
2 MO1000J6R8 6.8 Ohms 10 W SOLEN    
2 PA1000 10 mfd 250v 24x33 SOLEN    
1 POLYESTER Fiberflex 38mmx12x60 SOLEN    
2 PT-2.5FL Flared Port 2.5 SOLEN    
2 S181.0 1.0 mH 1.0 14x29x57 SOLEN    
2 SB390 3.9 mfd 150v 26x38 SOLEN    
2 T29CF002 26mm Sono 11cm SEA SEAS EXCEL    
2 W18NX001 18cm 39mm Next SEA SEAS EXCEL    
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