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Seas Excel Thor, 2way Trans. Line Kit Pair with 2xW18E001 & T25-002.
CA$2,651.15 each CA$3,119.00
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SEAS PRESTIGE
Summary The Thor is the new top-of-the-line loudspeaker kit from Seas.
It is a full range, floor-standing system that provides the very
highest level of acoustic performance.
The enclosure uses a newly developed transmission line configuration,
derived both from sophisticated computer modeling, and extensive eperimentation.
The line is tapered, and filled with Dacron (polyester) stuffing.
The two woofers excite the line at slightly different points, smoothing the
response and increasing the range of bass output. The trasmission line
produces 4db of bass liftfrom 20Hz to 110Hz, with less tehn 1db of ripple.
The -3db point is 45Hz, with roll of of 12db per octave below 45Hz.
Usable in-room response extends well into the low 30Hz range.
Frequency response 40Hz to 25KHz Efficiency: 89db 1w/1m.
The tweeter is the Seas T25-002 Millennium from the excel line.
The Woofers are the Seas Excel W18E001 magnesium cone 6.5 inches.
The low pass filter is a 3rd order with a second order zero. An addition network is placed
in parallel with the woofers to serve the dual purpose of tailoring the frequency
response and removing the magnesium cone frequency peak.
The high pass network is a third order Butterworth with an additional impedance
compensation network. The X-over frequency is 2.5Khz.
The Odin mk3 was designed by Dr. Joseph D'Appolito, who is a world-renowned
for his pioneering work on MTM-based loudspeaker configurations.
Also available in sheilded form for Home theater application.NOTE: The polyester/Fiberflex should be distributed evenly true enclosure,
with following proportions (loose fill):
12" x 60" in the front portion (270g/9.5oz).
12" x 36" in the back portion (150g/5oz).
Use less Polyester/Fiberflex if you want more bass.
4 858-LU Binding Post Gold 8mmX38mm SOLEN
34 CLASSIC1.6 Tin Plated OFC 2x1.6mm SUPRA CABLES
2 L121.0 1.0 mH 1.9 22x45x89 SOLEN
8 M4TN Tee Nut 4mm SOLEN
8 M4X25H Socket Screw 4mmx25mm SOLEN
24 M5TN Tee Nut 5mm SOLEN
24 M5X35H Socket Screw 5mmx35mm SOLEN
2 MO1000J12R 12 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
4 MO1000J1R0 1.0 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
2 MO1000J2R2 2.2 Ohms 10 W SOLEN
2 PB1800 18 mfd 400v 31x45 SOLEN
2 PB220 2.2 mfd 400v 16x27 SOLEN
4 PB820 8.2 mfd 400v 24x38 SOLEN
4 POLYESTER Fiberflex 38mmx12x60 SOLEN
2 S18.15 .15 mH 1.0 10x19x38 SOLEN
2 S18.22 .22 mH 1.0 11x22x45 SOLEN
2 T25-002 26mm Sono 11cm SEA SEAS EXCEL
4 W18E001 18cm 39mm Mg SEA SEAS EXCEL
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