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Polished Aluminum Speaker Spike Kit 39mm D x 59mm L (5/16-18 thread)(Footplate & Insert Included)
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary Alum. Spike 39x59mm Poland
Rigidly coupling a loudspeaker enclosure to a floor by means of a "spiking" system dramatically improves clarity, stereo imaging, and bass response. This is especially apparent with subwoofer systems. These attractive spikes are precision machined from solid Aluminum and then polished. The two-piece threaded tip design allows for precise level adjustment. Barbed insert nuts and 42mm long (5/16-18) threaded studs are included for mounting in cabinets with walls up to 1.5" thick. Set includes cone spike, floor disc, ridged insert nut, and threaded stud. • Dimensions: 39mm diameter, 59mm high (including disc).

Polished Aluminum Speaker Spike Kit 39mm D x 59mm L (5/16-18 thread)

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