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Solen 33 Ohms 16W 2% AchrOhmiC Non-Inductive Wirerwound Resistors, 9x55mm NI France.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary 33 Ohms 16W 2% 9x55mm NI France
General Information Type : AchrOhmiC, Non Inductive. Dielectric : Ceramic Core. Construction : NiCr on Ceramic Core. Coating : Silicone. Leads : NiCr.
Features MIL-R-26/39007. Maximum Signal Precision and Dynamic. Resistant to Humidity and Shock. Excellent High Temperature Stability. High Overload Capacity. Excellent Long Term Electrical and Machanical Reliability.
Electrical Performance Non Inductive. Very Low Noise Figure. Very Small Linear Temperature Coefficient.


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