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0.91mH 14awg Litz, 0.30ohms DCR, 19mm H x 76mm D
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN
Summary 0.91mH 14awg Litz, 0.30ohms DCR, 19mm H x 76mm D
General Information Type : Air Cored Inductor. Construction : Hollow Cylindrical type, Radial Leads. Coating : Varnish Dip with Black Nylon Ties. Dielectric : Red Polyurethane Polyamide Enamel. Conductor : 5n Pure Copper Solid Round type. Winding : Perfect Layer Hexagonal Self-Supporting Type. Leads : 5n Pure Copper. Temperature Range : -55C to +85C.
Features Integral Wheeler Formula Application. Computer optimized Inductor Dimensions. Linear Phase Angle between Current and Voltage. Linear and Stable High Frequency Characteristics. Linear A.C. Resistance. Very Low Magnetostriction Distortion. Constant Inductance with Voltage Variation. Constant Inductance with Current Variation. No Saturation Distortion. No Hyteresis Distortion.
Electrical Performance Very High Quality Factor. Low D.C. Resistance. Low A.C. Resistance. Very Low Skin effect Losses. Very Low Proximity Effect Losses. Low Self Capacitance.


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