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Solen ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE, 4 way Passive Floorstanding Loudspeaker. (pair)
CA$11,045.75 pair CA$12,995.00
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOLEN

ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE (Pair) 4 way Passive Bass Reflex Floorstanding Loudspeaker using extreme qualtity top of the line driver units by Volt Loudspeakers, AudioTechnology and Scan-Speak. THE GOAL The Ultimate Experience! The main goal of the Ultimate Experience is to reproduce the realism and dynamics of a live music performance while using Hi-Fi quality components. It all started with a dream of the late Solen Electronics Inc owner Denis Ouellet, to have a loudspeaker capable of reproducing the absolute dynamics and image without sacrificing sound quality and at the same time having a frequency response of 20Hz at 20KHz as linear as possible. To do this we had to use the best components available in the industry and even develop custom ones to achieve our objectives. What were the technical objectives? 1. Have the most linear frequency response possible from 20Hz to 20KHz. 2. Have an efficiency of at least 94db 1w / m. 3. Be able to reach levels of at least 115db without compression. 4. Have the impedance and the phase as linear as possible, to make the most of the input power without distortion. Are we there? At the technical level yes; 1. Frequency response of +/- 1.5db from 20Hz to 30KHz 2. Efficiency of 97db 1w / 1m 3. Level reached 118db without compression 4. Impedance of 3 to 10 ohms with an average of 4 ohm. Phase rotation of up to 30 degree at the filtration points SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions: 22"W x 60.5"H x 27.5"D Efficiency: 97db 1w/1m Impedance: 4 ohm Frequency Response: 20Hz to 30KHz +/-1.5db Power Handling: 2w to 1000w

Higly Optimised 4way Solen Passive X-overs, using only high quality Solen Components. All of this mounted external color matching casing with glass tops. The Tweeter is the top of the line Scan-Speak Elepticor the D3404/5520-00. The Midrange unit is a modified version of the Volt Loudspeakers VM752 with custom face plate. The Midbass unit is a custom made 8" AudioTechnology with 3" underhung voice coil. The Woofer is a custom 4 ohm version of the Volt Loudspeakers RV4564. At the emotional level; Please be the judge of this by participating in the Ultimate Experience!

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