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The Soundcare® SuperSpike Self Adhesive Pad Titanium 3-pack
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Product Specifications
Manufacturer SOUNDCARE
Summary The Soundcare® SuperSpike Self Adhesive High-End Titanium 3-pack
For the TITANIUM SuperSpikes only the best materials have been chosen to make the most exclusive spike on the market. The TITANIUM Super Spikes are made for people that want the best.All parts are produced with very small tolerances. This, in addition to using TITANIUM grade 5 in the spike (a very difficult alloy to make) and TITANIUM grade 2 (pure TITANIUM) for the based plate, all integrated in a polycarbonate housing, makes the ultimate spike for the most exclusive equipments.

Three spikes give a much more stable connection to the ground when they are not separately adjustable. It's very seldom that equipment is not steady enough with three spikes. For 98% of the Hi-Fi equipment supplied with spikes three spikes is the best. For the remaining 2% they have to buy one extra package.

Self-adhesive models are designed to fit under the manufacturers' components. They are supplied with double coated 3M high performance permanent tape and a self-adhesive felt disc made from 1.25mm quality felt with permanent high weight tape. The self-adhesive models are generally used under bookshelf speaker and electronic components as well as for larger speakers without threaded inserts.

The use of spikes with Hi-fi components improves sound quality. It is also a certain fact that the use of spikes damages the surface on which they stand. One has seen numerous attempts to make feet that prevent the disadvantage of damaged floors, but they all render reduced sound quality. The use of spikes gives the best sound! Soundcare® has dealt with this problem in a serious way and has developed a new SuperSpike that in addition to taking care of all sound advantages, also protects all surfaces. Several high-end producers deliver their products with Soundcare® SuperSpike from factory. Listening tests in Norway, Denmark, Japan, Germany, England, France and USA give excellent honors to Soundcare® SuperSpike.

Quoted from HiFi Choice: "There was definitely an improvement in clarity and detail using the Soundcare spikes - and no problems with scratched flooring. .. Definitely recommended, then. The prudent should start with a single set (say, for amplifier or CD player), to see how things go. But be warned; you'll almost certainly be back for more!" You can also find excellent reviews in many Hi-Fi magazines all over the world, HiFiChoice, HiFi+, Haute Fidelite, High Fidelity, Audeo and many more.

Your hi-fi products deserve the best working conditions and Soundcare® SuperSpikes are the best feet that can be found.

What are Soundcare® SuperSpikes?.The Soundcare® SuperSpike is an all in one spike foot. This unique construction eliminates the most common problem experienced when using a conventional spike: damaged surfaces. The construction is based on a high quality spike fitted with a custom designed base plate, all integrated in a plastic housing. This allows the user to move the equipment without making scratches and scars to the surface.

Why use Soundcare® SuperSpikes? When the weight of your Hi-Fi equipment is concentrated onto a small area, the weight per square unit area increases enormously, providing better contact with the surface on which the unit stands. This results in an overall improved sound stage and increased control in the lower frequency register. Soundcare® SuperSpikes reduce disturbing vibrations and prevent low frequency noise from transmitting to other rooms.

A Soundcare® SuperSpike loaded with a weight of 12.5 kg produces a pressure of more than 6,200 kg pr. sq. cm!

The Soundcare® SuperSpike is not just another spike! To achieve the best overall soundstage, lowest distortion level and best low frequency control possible, a unique combination of materials has been selected during several listening tests and measurements. Soundcare® SuperSpikes have been tested by an independent test panel of music lovers, audiophiles, musicians and engineers with stunning results. The improvement of the overall soundstage is outstanding Soundcare® SuperSpikes have also proven to be extremely effective on CD players, pre-, power- and integrated amplifiers and of course turntables.

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