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Supra Cables HDMI4, 4m HDMI Cable v1.4.
CA$89.00 each CA$180.60
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SUPRA CABLES
Summary HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. SUPRA HDMI is a high performance, single link HDMI cable, especially designed for digital video and audio over long lengths. The cable is terminated with overmoulded quality HDMI connectors The cable is a single link. The gold plating of the pins is as thick as 0.8 micrometres for longevity & reliability of first rate connection.The cable is tested and approved by the HDMI organisation testing lab (in USA). Jenving Technology is an HDMI licensed factory. See www.hdmi.orgHDMI conveys both Video and Audio. HDMI supports HDTV resolution up to 1080p.Application examples: Computer/DVD to Video projector Computer/DVD to Plasma/LCD TVHDMI4: 4m HDMI Cable v1.4

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