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Supra Cables PLY3.4, Tin Plated OFC 2x3.4mm Speaker Cable, 12awg.
Product Specifications
Manufacturer SUPRA CABLES
Summary Tin Plated OFC 2x3.4mm Sweden

  -Low inductance. -Reduced skin-effect. -High conductor purity integrity. -Long life, low cost concept. -Not damaged by accidental immersion in water -even sea water- so particularly suited to marine applications as well as professional and auto installations. -Overcomes skin effect and transversal distortion by using a proprietary pure tin plating. -Conductor section provides easy insertion into binding posts, banana, XLR and most other speaker connectors. -Overall square X-section allows it to readily enter most connector housings. PLY 3.4: 2 conductors 3.4mm² (12AWG) sold by the foot

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